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coolant light on - changed sensor still on now what?


hoping to find some info re: check coolant light. i read some old threads but have still been unable to solve my dilemma:

coolant light would go on occasionaly on my 96 855 turbo when i gassed it. i checked the level and it was fine so i generally ignored the light as it was only occasionally. then this weekend it went on and stayed on. the level was still ok so i mixed a little 50-50 and put in about 1 cup. the light went off and i thought my problem resolved and it was... for about 1 hour. today i replaced the sensor and the cap (for good measure - it had a few cracks in it). much to my surprise, the light is still on. how'd that song go? "...and the can came back the very next day..." is this something that is merely annoying or do i need to rethink my strategy or??

thanks for the help

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