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Clutch Pedal - Adjustment Possible?

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I searched the threads with no sign of a previous post on this topic.

I don't like how high the clutch pedal is on my S60R at the point of engagement. Has anyone experimented with adjusting the pedal so one's foot is closer to the floor during shifts? My old Peugeot 405 (hey, stop snickering!!!) had a cable setup with adjustable locknuts under the battery bracket. I assume that the clutch in the Volvo is hydraulic and I know nothing about making adjustments, or if they are even possible.

Thanks in advance - Tryg
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Re: Clutch Pedal - Adjustment Possible? (RainyS60R)

The pedals are not very adjustable. I took the reverse strategy in my V50 by adding a block to limit the downward travel. It makes a big difference in feel. http://forums.swedespeed.com/zerothread?id=40397

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Re: Clutch Pedal - Adjustment Possible? (bschurr)

Oh it's fully disengaged. On my car the clutch has a very distinct take-up and it's quite near the top, like the R (the systems are basically the same hardware).

I mention in my post that the biggest problem was the extra mile of pedal travel past this point. If it were not disengaging there would be stiffness into first or between gears, and there isn't any. So no, I'm not concerned at all about wear.

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