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Clutch bleeder location?

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I'm trying to locate the location of the clutch bleeder valve. I read that it's by the bell housing but I'm really having trouble locating it. I'm going to try that reverse bleed trick that @Ihatespeedbumps posted a video on. I have a left hand drive 2006 T5 AWD M66.

Can it be accessed from the hood? Or should I be jacking it up and coming from below.

Never had this much trouble finding a nipple before 馃ぃ. Pride almost prevented me from asking for help here but I figured I better ask before I go injecting brake fluid into the wrong place.
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Thank you!! I got your message as I was about to head in, feeling pretty dumb.

Since I searched a long time and never came across a photo, here is a photo looking up from under the front middle of the car, as mentioned between the radiator and transmission.

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Also, for anyone that reads this.. while you can more easily see the clutch bleeder from below, you can reach it from above.
If going under the car to bleed the clutch don't forget to wear safety glasses and keep your mouth closed! It's tricky to both be within reach and out of the line of dripping.

I got a ratcheting box wrench on it and if you connect a hose to drain the fluid you have to choose the ratcheting direction of left or right. I chose counterclockwise which turned out to be a poor decision. Best to open it with the hose attached and a crescent wrench, and have a ratcheting box wrench lower down on the hose that can be engaged to close it. Hindsight..
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