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I get these clunks thats sounds like they are coming from inside the transmission. (AW55-50/51sn)
The car is a 2008 S40 T5 Aut. with 86k miles on the clock.
The clunks gets louder when the transmissionfluid gets warmed up, and they only appear when the car engages to 2nd and 3rd gear. (For instance during a turn when i get of the throttle and on it again)
I also get the clunks when shifting in and out of reverse (never to drive or park)
The linear soleniods has been replaced with Rostra once, and didn't cause the problem.. Also the fluid is nice, clean and red at the correct level and the gearbox shifts smooth.
The transmission and engine mounts, CV joints and axle bolts are okay as well..

Thank you!
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