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I just picked up my 2006 V50 T5 last week (my first Volvo), and already the climate control system is behaving oddly. The dampers for the cc system keep opening and closing (cycling about every second), regardless of whether the system is set to automatic or manual, air conditioning or no ac.

I brought it into the dealer last week, and they said the computer didn't show any error messages, so nothing must be wrong (heh). They recalibrated the dampers, and that seemed to have fixed the problem for a few days, but now it's acting up again. Sometimes turning the car off and on again solves the problem. (Because it reboots the computer?)

Has anyone else seen/heard of this issue before? Before I go back to the dealer, I'd like to go armed with some specific instructions, since they seem interested only in the most superficial diagnostics.

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