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Does anyone know of a company that makes clearouts for a 95 850? I cannot find these things ANYWHERE! I've also heard rumors you can make them somehow. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Nick, what is a clearout?

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If you are looking for clear turn signals, look here, there is even a review of them. They aren't cheap, but they are the real thing from volvo.

Nah, not clear corners. I'm talking about for the Tail lights. Almost light the European Tails which are clear with the red brake signals (as seen on some stock Lexus' nowadays) except they are like more of a white-ish look or clearish without the red brake light look... get it? I know APC makes a lot of stuff like that but OF COURSE not for a Volvo!
I take it you mean all clear, as the 850 from 1995 on had no amber in their taillights.

Originally posted by BigDude:
Nah, not clear corners. I'm talking about for the Tail lights. Almost light the European Tails which are clear with the red brake signals (as seen on some stock Lexus' nowadays) except they are like more of a white-ish look or clearish without the red brake light look... get it?

To be perfectly honest with you, you will have better luck with those Lexus IS look-alike tail lights...in terms of with local law enforcement that is.
I also realized there are less people using that style....and more are into the IS trend. Not sure if they just got tired of that CLEAROUT style, or became more cautious for the others.
I don't think I need to get in the story when my friend crashed into a clearout Civic, you should already have that one figure out.
This quest for the clear tail lights has been asked before on BB..no luck. Just lots of replies from people sharing their bad experiences with ric*rs on the road with these lenses causing accidents.
Why do they call it European Tail light anyway? When was the last time you came across with a decent European car with that kinda tail light?
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I have been looking for the white tail-lights for my wagon but i havent had much luck. The lights are fairly popular with the Honda Civic crowd but that and a handfull of other cars about the only ones i have seen the lights available for.
I don't get the whole clear taillight thing. It's pretty unsafe, and not exactly street legal. I see how getting rid of the orange looks a little better adn people like BMW seem to do it already, but I think the Lexus IS-300 is a car that would look SOOO much better without those taillights.
The clear look is just worn-out. Yeah it was cool in 1995 but now it simply looks like a manufacturing defect. The whole IS look is so aftermarket and makes the car look like a toyota. (Hmmm, wonder why...) Maybe it would be cool if EL was used.

How are you and the car Matt? And as a note I dont think that look would work on a Volvo, you only find clear turn signals on Euro car not the entire light assembly. And most of those light units are not safe the cheap sets are the worst, and people have different colours inside lots of blue and white bulbs up here on all corners, and the worst are at the rear.
I'm doing great as is the 850. The accident damage to both the car and me are history for the most part. I have some minor details to finish with the car before I'm done though. I need to get the "rivets" that hold the bumper covers to the fender liners. I will also need to get new front fender liners as I melted mine while driving the car with no front end. (Ooops! My own stupid fault.) I still need to wet-sand and buff the front and rear bumpers as well as maybe another coat of paint to hide the textured surface of the bumper cover tops. From there I will bolt things on again, buff the entire car, and be done with it for a while. The car looks good now, but I want to go for perfection. In fact if Mark or Kai will post the pictures of the cars you will be able to see how it looks. It's almost passable but the bodylines are still off a little. (Easy fix, I just bolted things on in a hurry. Never adjusted anything.) I have also recently added 17" Titans, black leather armrest, SC-811 stereo, and a '96 R spoiler for the rear. Also installed my custom ECU, more blue LEDs in the dash, new intercooler hoses (after blowing a few up!), and some other goodies like LEDs in the center console ashtray, shifter, and switches. In another week or so I will be installing a Pioneer AVXP7300 DVD player w/ 7" screen and finish my "car" entertainment system. (I was not planning on doing this for a while but my Volvo CD changer died.) I figured that I am doing 1000+ miles a week and could use some video time while in traffic too. Beyond that, I want to do the supersprint exhaust (downpipe back) and finish my brakes. ETA Likely around October. Oh and I also will finish repairs to the drivers window and moon roof. I have found the problem with the moon roof and window, just need to turn wrenches. Finally, I am also tinkering with HID fog lamps. In all, I guess the car is going to be a long-term project. I get to a happy point and then want to keep going further after getting used to the changes. I still want to do the suspension but I am fearful of hurting the ride quality. That and I want to find a way of getting the rear end to keep from coming around on me. Any ideas? Eeeek! This a one long post! Sorry.

Keep in touch and thanks for sending the Carslile picture.

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Do you have any pics of all the LED work you did inside? I'm curious where you have placed them, do you mean like in the console so your controls are lit better?
I do have some pictures however they do not look good as the blue LEDs color shows up green. I also plan on finishing the entire dash before releasing any pictures. In regards to the better lighting, yeah it's much brighter. The blue/red/yellow combo also makes it very quick to find what you are looking for.

Hey man, could you send me some of those pics?? Just email them to me at [email protected]

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