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Need to post a link to a thread I created in the detailing forum:


Took the car to the dealer for its 45K service and asked them to look at this...they told me this was some kind of clear coat failure but that it does not look like a problem with the factory finish. I did have body work done on the car but it involved replacement of the front bumper cover and grille and touch-up and blending of a small area on the passenger front fender. AFAIK the body shop did nothing to the paint on the rest of the vehicle.

Any thoughts? I'll be taking the car to the body shop but I suspect they will claim the mottling had nothing to do with their work...and the dealer is already claiming it isn't an issue with the factory paint job. I live in NE and we do have road salt but I've never seen road salt do this to a car's finish.
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