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Cleaning & Restoring Leather

Which way did you go? With which products ? ... After cleaning with normal baby wipes
Two total products used on 2019 XC90 leather surfaces. Used "Trinova Leather Cleaner" with reusable microfiber cloth to clean. Then "Trinova Leather Conditioner and Restorer with Water Repellent Formula" to protect (has to sit at least 1 hour), using their supplied applicator. Both from Amazon. The result left no smell and any excess conditioner (clear oil) was wiped away. Just had to be careful not to get the conditioner on anything but the leather or else there's conditioner needed to be wiped off.

I chose Trinova because I liked their wheel shine (vs Meguiar and Car Guys). This was my first time doing leather so am by no means knowledgeable, still learning but am happy with results. I think the seats are actually somehow blacker or darker than new, strange coming from a clear oil . . .

We took the family on a road trip today and most everything got dirty again . . . At least the leathers are protected for a few months. But it all looked sharp between 11pm Saturday night to 9am Sunday, really it did - just can't win . . . .

I'll post this in the Detailing thread also.

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