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clean you air con!

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I am halfway through doing the wiper /washser fix trick to stop wipers lifting . I think all 850 owners should do this if they have problems with the wipers but you should also clean out the area around the air con hole. mine was crudded up pretty bad! get good vacum and clean out spray wd40
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Re: clean you air con! (inlineking)

basically to stop the wiper skipping across windshield. you can try bay 13 method. or you can take the plastic cover off the wiper motor area and put 2-3 fender washers under the wiper motor mount to make it push closer to the windshield............

How to fix 850 windshield wiper blade lifting on driver's side, with three fender washers.

Previous fixes require bending wiper arm, with the possibility of breaking it.

Wiper assembly removal:
First remove five screws holding the black plastic cover just below the windshield.
Release the clamps holding the two drain tubes.
Remove the wiper arms. Remember roughly where they were set.
Remove the plastic cover.
Unclip the two wiring harness holders and position the wiring harness towards the engine.
Unbolt the two bolts holding the wiper assembly. One is near the wiper motor. The other is near the far driver's side.
Release the assembly from center pivot point by pulling towards the driver's side.
Remove rubber parts and wash them with clean water. Clean-up dirty joints with WD-40. Apply a little grease as needed.
When reassembling, put 2 or 3 fender washers on top of the threaded mounting hole closest to the wiper motor. This will tilt the assembly slightly closer towards the windshield. Install the two bolts.
Install the wiper arms. Connect both connectors. Re-position the wiring harness back into the clips.
Close hood.
Turn ignition ON.
Turn on wipers and turn off key when the wipers are at furthest left.
Is driver's wiper blade still lifted from windshield? No. Great! Yes. Start over and add another washer.
After re-installing everything, don't forget to reconnect the two drain tubes.
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