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I am selling my cherry red 1968 Volvo 1800s. This car is in great condition, inside and out.

View pics here:
I am happy to send more pics upon request.

The engine is in perfect condition. New Weber carburetor, new battery, electronic ignition, B18 engine was re-built. The engine blows no smoke. Odometer did not work when I bought it, so I don't know how many miles it has. Right now it says 89k. The previous owner told me there were less than 40k miles on the new drivetrain. I had a mechanic test the compression when I bought it. The results: 145 - cylinder 1 and 140 - cylinders 2,3,4

The exterior is in very good shape, as you can see from the pics. It has no rust and the paint looks great. There are a few little cosmetic scratches on the paint in places, but they are not very noticeable. There is one on the hood near the grill, where the movers scratched it when I was moving it from Texas back to California. They took it off the moving truck on a ramp too steep (the grill went over the hood slightly and scratched it.) and another on the back right wheel well, where my garage gate bumped into it. Didn't dent it, but gave it a little scratch of the paint. It was repainted once by a previous owner, but they did a good job. Don't know the original color. In talking to the previous owners, they all said it had never been wrecked. The front bumper is bent upwards slightly, but the previous owner said that was probably because he took it off and did not put it back on the right way.

The interior is nice... not perfect, though. The front seats are in good shape, all of the dials, etc. work. The dash has some cracks but overall looks pretty good. The guy who had it before me re-did the top of the dash, but not the bottom. I have the plastic piece to repair the lower dash, if you have the skills to take the steering wheel off. The ceiling lining is fine, etc. The back seat needs some upholstery work. Windows and seals are all good. Carpet is a little faded but looks fine. It has nice bose stereo speakers in the back and it's all wired up for a stereo.

Everything works - the overdrive (5th gear), heater, wipers, etc. Tachometer works (most of the time), but sometimes you have to flick it. The glass on the tach is cracked, probably from a previous owner flicking it too hard. The clock on the dash doesn't work.

With a little work, you could have it in showroom quality shape. I have put over $6,000 into it since I bought it in 2007. I have all the receipts for work I've had done to it. I always used good Swedish mechanics - Swedish Motors on LaCienega here in L.A and Redline Automotive in Austin. Here's a partial list of things I had done to it: Gas Tank Acid Wash, Fuel Filter, Engine pan gasket, valve cover, ball joints, new carburetor, intake manifold, Steering Rod, Intake & Exhaust manifold, calipers, Brakes, Generator, bushings, clutch, fuel line, windshield wipers, Electronic ignition,Tune Ups.

The guy before me said that it was in his garage the whole time and he barely drove it. It was a father/son project and he did a lot of little things to fix it up. The guy before him (I spoke to him) was a Volvo enthusiast who took it to shows and also took good care of it. He said it had around 60k miles when he bought it, and he sold it at around 80k miles. Before that, it was some the original owner's daily driver and it was always kept in a garage in San Francisco. I have owned it for approximately 2 years and have always kept it covered in the carport. I can put you in touch with all the previous owners, if you'd like.

It comes with a nice car cover (appx $250), a repair manual, and a couple of Volvo books. I won't ship it overseas and would prefer to deal with serious buyers in person. It has a clear Texas title. I am happy to take it to the mechanic of your choice.

It was fine when I lived in Texas and only needed to drive 5 mins to work. But, in L.A., my commute is 30 mins in traffic, and this just isn't the best car for that.

I plan to have it sold by May 1.

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