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cing timing belt on 1993 non- turbo 940

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Changing timing belt on 1993 non- turbo 940

I am having issues with my 940, and i think the timing belt slipped. How hard it is it for a home mechanic to change, or it this one of thiose repairs better left to a professional?


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Re: Changing timing belt on 1993 non- turbo 940 (big dog daddy)

If your car is an automatic you will need a crank holding tool to remove the harmonic balancer, as shown here:
Or you will need an assistant to hold a tool in the flywheel teeth to prevent engine rotation while removing the balancer, I have done this by myself but it is a pain.
If it's a manual transmission you might be able use the drive train to prevent engine from rotating.
I have changed a timing belt in 30 minutes on a 240 without power steering, ac and harmonic balancer. The only problem I have encountered is the alignment marks for the intermediate shaft are some times hard to find and align. The belts usually have the marks on them which helps overcome this problem thou. Also if your 940 has the distributor mounted to the rear of the head the intermediate shaft alignment is not required as it only drives the oil pump.
Here is some more info:
I really think you will be able to do this job.
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If you're comfortable doing jobs like changing an alternator, shocks, or brakes, you can do the timing belt on that car. It's cake. I jam a large screwdriver down through the bellhousing hole by the crank position sensor and then use a 4 foot cheater bar on a wrench on the crank pulley bolt. Easier with 2 people, not impossible with 1. I've done it that way about 6 or 8 times by myself.

Replace the tensioner assembly while you're in there.

What makes you think it slipped? If the car is running rough there are about 5 other things I'd suspect first. Like distributor being loose, or MAF failure, or harmonic balancer, or oxygen sensor, or crank position sensor.

I think that car has a 50k interval though, so if it's close to the time to change it, then change it anyway.
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