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Hi there

I'm super new so I apologize if this post twice but I think I did it wrong before. I have a 2013 (November) S50 that has very low miles and has been garaged housed in MN (so yes extreme cold but little UV). It is my husband's car so I seldom drive it however when I was spring cleaning I noticed some serious chrome blisters and/or adhesion issues on our center console. Not just one bubble; all 4 sides have large blemishes. Volvo will not help as I am out of warranty but I am wondering if this is something that has happened to others.

Personally, I'm really concerned that if a part I can see deteriorates so badly, what is going on with the systems I can't see?

** My question is ** have any other Volvo owners noticed a similar issue? I know many people just ignore a small cosmetic defect but if this part is bad on x% of cars then Volvo might listen a little more closely.


Thank you all
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