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Hi! I have a 6-year-old S50 that is garage kept and very low miles. Normally my husband drives it but I cleaned it for him and noticed A LOT of chrome bubbles. At first, I thought he banged up the top dash but on closer look, they are not dents, they are bubbles. The other corners of the part have the same blister or delamination. I tried to call Volvo and they won't talk to me because I'm out of warranty.

** My question is ** have any other Volvo owners noticed a similar issue? I know many people just ignore a small cosmetic defect but if this part is bad on x% of cars then Volvo might listen a little more closely.

(apparently, my first try at pictures didn't work, here is hopefully a better set. If there is another way to add please let me know)

Thank you all
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