To say that GoPro cameras have come a long way since their introduction in 2004 just might be the understatement of the year. In those ten years, the tiny cameras have gone from being hindered by a 10 second record time to becoming an Emmy Award-winning must-have item for both amateurs and professionals in the film industry. Set to debut on October 5th, the new GoPro Hero4 expands on their wildly successful Hero3 line by offering double the performance of the outgoing model, up to 4K resolution recording at 30 frames per second, and a 12 megapixel camera on the top tier Hero4 Black model. For those who aren't quite ready to drop $500 for the top of the line Black model, GoPro will offer a Hero4 Silver which offers slightly lower performance for $400, and the entry-level yet still highly capable Hero for just $129.99. Ahead of the release, GoPro has uploaded a trailer to their highly entertaining YouTube channel which has made waves around the web.

Unlike most photo and video space, the GoPro Hero4 seems to only be hindered by the user's willingness to put the camera in harm's way, and their creativity. Based on the video above, we know what will sit atop our Christmas List.

The GoPro Hero4 will be available for retail purchase on October 5th wherever GoPros are sold.