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Re: Chipped S40's feeling sluggish (ismetopher)

Quote, originally posted by ismetopher »
Okay I have not yet chipped my car, so I haven't personally experienced how alot of you guys are experiencing "sluggish" performance after chipping your car on some days but good performance on others. My only thought is that these cars all come with that "intelligent driver input" feature that is supposed to sense how you are driving and "adjust" the behavoir of the car accordingly. Could this feature be the cause of some days your cars acting "sluggish" and other days performing well?

IDIS (Intelligent Driver Information System) covers only the car's information display and, for markets where it's available, the integrated phone. If it senses stressful driving conditions, the system will suppress informational messages and send calls to voicemail without ringing them through until the stressful circumstances have passed. It doesn't actually affect the driving behavior of the car. Now that would be stressful indeed!
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