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Chip for a 10 valve?

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Hello fellow Volvo Enthusiest, seems you people may be able to answer this easily sinse you have much knowledge on the subject.

Woundering if there is a performance chip for a B 5252 S 10 valve motor?
I have a 1996 850 GLE, I believe this ten valve is only avaible in Canada, so a Canadian chip company may be the only to program for it. Aside from a K&N filter, no extra horsepower of any kind is under the hood (and that may be an extra 2 hp at best).
Here are the specs:
OUTPUT: 142 hp at 5400 rpm
TORQUE: 152 lbs. at 3600 rpm
2.4 L
10.0:1 compression ratio

Not to impressive really. But the funny thing is it will actually pull about a car length in front of a 20 valve motor for a short distance (in my red light confrontations
) . I think it is because it peaks in torque about 1100 rpm sooner.
Is there any hope for this motor?
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I emailed to get more info.
Hmm, chips don't add that much power to non-turbos.

What do you guys think of this kit? Is it safe?

Bolt-On Turbo Charger Kit

Now you can add the power of a turbo charger to your Volvo with our bolt-on aftermarket turbo kit. This kit includes everything you need to convert your normally aspirated 850, S70 or V70 into a turbo charged wonder. This is a low pressure turbo kit that generates 6psi of boost and is capable of increasing engine power to within 10HP of a stock high pressure version. Kit includes a Garrett T03 turbo charger, ductwork and lines, an intercooler, 3" stainless steel downpipe, and a stainless steel exhaust system with a twin round tailpipe that attaches after the catalytic converter. Available for the 850, 70 series (1994 through 1998).

EABOTK01........... $3,595.00 (Complete Kit)
Est. Gain for Normally Aspirated = 40HP

EABOTK02........... $3,250.00 (Complete Kit, Minus Exhaust System)
Est. Gain for Normally Aspirated = 35HP

* Check Local & State Laws Before Using

Thats pretty darn pricy though...
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142 hp + 40 hp


Cold air induction + 7hp

=189hp at the price of upgrading to a 850 T-5 to begin with! Damb.
What a stupid kit, it is way to expensive considering 850's have dropped in price so much. I seen '96 T-5's here for around $13-17K. I can still fetch 10K for my car I think. Very clean. Well if I keep it I still want to make it look good and the whole DVD player thing and naturally new suspension upgrades. Might buy another set of 17" rims too.
Here are some pics of baby. I think I need some lowering springs, stabilizer bar and strut brace to balance out the slightly heavier than stock wheels.
17"x8"TSW Trophy
BF Goodrich Scortures 215/40/17 (although the red stripes don't show in the pics(?).

What do you all think?
My first car. My first Volvo
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Finally got those pictures to work huh?

That is a nice and clean looking car you have! The only thing I would do on the outside, is put a spoiler on it and then do those suspension upgrades like you mentioned.

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Yes, I agree that car looks great, and it is begging for a spoiler!
I was thinking about a touring spoiler like on the '95-'96 BTCC 850s. I think that would be awesome but am afraid that might actually be a little poserish considering its not a turbo. I have driven it past the 200kmh mark a couple of times and maybe the extra downforce would be functional. Would I need an agressive front airdam to balance that out? Maybe a 850R front spoiler or the erubuni kit one.
Not sure, it is only a 150hp car, I see civics and the like everywhere now that are 100hp and have the huge wings and it seems a little ridiculous to me. I don't want to subject my Volvo to that image.
I do want it to look great and customize it a bit to my personality.
A more OEM style spoiler may be a must have, I still love the look Touring Car spoilers give though...

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Originally posted by towerymt:
Check with SAM in Sweden:


SAM quoted back 12-15 horsepower gain today. Thanks for the lead to. As soon as I figure out what "4350sek + freight" in Canadian currency I'll be all set

haha, they actually said that Eurosport Tuning will carry this chip upgrade in a little while down the road. This is good because they operate out of Canada too.
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4350SEK is about 1/10th that number in US dollars, or about $435. I think that's about $670 Canadian. As you can see, a chip isn't a great bargain for the non-turbo cars, but every little bit helps I guess.
Yeah, I may consider it down the road. I what to do some suspension upgrades and get lighter wheels first. Some interior treatments may also be on the list. Need to save up some cash now!

(edit) Are cold air systems the cheapest horsepower gain? I know it isn't a ton of extra power but it is an extra 8hp or more for a reasonable amount of money. Anyone have one?
Well... considering you can hop on down to your local car parts store (advance auto parts or auto zone, etc) and pick up an air filter for $25, I'd say its the cheapest hp
I put one on my 4runner. You get a little better throttle response (nothing big) but I like it b/c of the sound. Too bad your car isn't a T5 b/c then you'd get the cool wooosh of the recirculation valve
Man... I miss my forced induction

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Hey thats pretty cool

Yeah, my friends with Hondas all have these and definately makes the car sound awesome with some extra pull. My buddy who has a prelude had to cut away a portion of the wheel well to allow some cold outside air to get in, can that be done on an 850? Would I have to do that without the airbox?
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