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I'm having an issue with my brakes. Nearly every morning when I initially start my car, I must press the brakes very hard to get the brakes to engage. There's zero pressure. After a minute, the pressure is established, and the brakes work fine. (That said, the absence of pressure sometimes happens while driving, but very infrequently.) This phenomenon leads me to believe that the check valve for the brake booster is faulty. If this were any other car, replacing the check valve would be a cheap and easy fix. But I don't think that Volvos have a check valve (or at least not like most other cars). The "valve" that comes out of the booster appears to be no more than an elbow that connects a hose.

So, what part needs to be replaced (perhaps the brake-pedal position sensor)? Or do I need to replace the entire booster?

This is for a 2006 XC90 2.5T.

Thanks for any advice.
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