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"Check Stop Lamp" - One brake light not on ?

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I got this message and all bulbs are intact. Just the drivers side is out (the bulb is OK ) Regardless I replaced it. Fuses OK. The wiring diagram shows all brake lights controlled by relay so that's not it. I sprayed the contacts in the offending brake light socket and pried them out and still no luck. All fuses OK as well.

I am suspecting a local wiring issue that I cant see and considering replacing the harness for about $60. Cant imagine anything else.

All ideas greatly appreciated.
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Thank you both. This is the harness for the tail light showing the four bulbs and a socket that serves the marker light in the bumper. As i understand it the hot wire comes out of the REM and splits to go to both brake lights. The problem is between that split and the connector that attaches to the tail light harness. The problem at the moment is that I due to a family problem I don't have anyone to operate the brake pedal and assist me. My mechanic was confident he could diagnose this is an hour ($110) + repair costs. He's pretty good and done a lot of work for me so I really have to go that route. I much appreciate your help and replies.
If you are not comfortable with doing wiring, then yea, take it to your mechanic.

For future reference here is a video showing how to check the power at the rear harness for the driver side rear light assembly using a $5 test light. Around the 0:45 mark is when they get into the driver side rear harness connector with the test light and the specific pin to check. Without even using a test light, you can follow the wire from this pin and see if you notice any issue with the wiring. Could be a simple fix if you can see an issue. Also look into the connector if the pin simply slid out. For just looking, you might be able to save money, or at least save money on diagnostic labor.

Checking rear harness connector when installing trailer wiring
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