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"Check Stop Lamp" - One brake light not on ?

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I got this message and all bulbs are intact. Just the drivers side is out (the bulb is OK ) Regardless I replaced it. Fuses OK. The wiring diagram shows all brake lights controlled by relay so that's not it. I sprayed the contacts in the offending brake light socket and pried them out and still no luck. All fuses OK as well.

I am suspecting a local wiring issue that I cant see and considering replacing the harness for about $60. Cant imagine anything else.

All ideas greatly appreciated.
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3/9 is the brake pedal switch. 3/19 is the 3rd brake light, does it turn on?, if yes the pedal switch is OK. 4/58 is the REM. See if relay RMI 5 clicks when pressing the pedal. Swap with another relay if need to test. Open the attached REM Relay PDF and zoom in to locate RMI 5 relay in the REM. The side panel will pry out some to get your hand on RMI 5 relay. Shunt 20/31 could have failed. Swap if needed. If removing shunt, inspect female shunt connectors for being burnt in REM. The 1999-2004 shunt terminals would burn on the low beams in the CEM's.

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