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Check out my Volvo

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take a peek at the page I threw together real quick. Lists the major mods, and has a picture. I will upload more pics/detail later, enjoy.

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Pretty nice. Im unsure about those wheels, sorry, but the rest is nice. I have the PHillips Blue Vision headlights for low beam, Rally 100 watt bulbs for highbeam, and blue vision for fogs. They are nice I think. I have more Audio mods than anything, kinda opposite of you. Nice though, really. I bet the wheels look good in person, the pic just doesnt do it justice. They look bigger to me, maybe thats what lowering it does or something, I dont know. I havnt lowered mine yet, thats my next project. Anti sway bars, sport springs of some sort, and Koni shocks. How do you like the H&R springs. Are they nice, any heads up on them. Thanks for the answer in advance, and again, nice car.
Nice looking !!! I guess I'll have to post mine also.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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