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I ordered brake pads for my w-8 from this company, and was recently charged over 1k for 4 brake pads and the two front rotors for the R.
I contacted the to inquire about prices, here what I was recieved; metal master PBR/Axis they only have these for the front $49.99 a set, rears oem $69.00 a set. Rotors f oem $139 each, rears $129. each.
My only connection to this company is as a very satisfied customer.
Here is a link to the very long running group buy at passatworld http://www.passatworld.com/for...90277
and here's the link to the company's website http://www.importrp.com/home.php if you can't find the parts that you seek give them a call 425-357-6818.
Hopefully this will be my first meaningful contrubition to the SS community.
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