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VCOA Granite State Chapter Meet 6/26/2011

The day was cloudy and looked like rain to start off with. It had rained the last 7 days here and this looked no different. But the car collector gods did smile upon us. From our arrival at the Mt. Sunapee Resort at 9:30am till time to leave at 2:30pm—not a drop of rain fell. And the sun peeked out a few times. And that made us appreciate the cloud cover. It made for quite a pleasant day.
We had a very nice showing of 10 Volvo’s present. We had our own row in this all make and model car show sponsored by the Sunapee Lions Club. As usual the Lions Club did a great job putting on the event. We all enjoyed checking all the collector cars at the show. And of course looking over our Volvos and kicking tires.
The chapter held its annual business meeting at 11:00am in the Resort’s upstairs building. All chapter business was concluded in roughly 30 minutes, including re-electing the current slate of officers. Then we were back to enjoying our Volvos and the rest of the car show.
Members in attendance with their Volvos were (some with their families) Brian Phillips, John Dickey, Robert Mayer, Byron Young, Dale Sanborn, Bob Iozia, Sherri Iozia, Drew Nelson, Don Thibault, Gerard Lafond and Bob Schwartz. And Dan Button was there also with a Brand X and some Volvo parts for sale.
Trophies given by the Lions Club, were collected by Drew Nelson (1971 1800), Don Thibault (1962 1800S), Byron Young (1965 1800S).
It was a terrific show, good weather, great Volvo meet and lots of good camaraderie. The day was very much enjoyed by all of us! Our next chapter meet is scheduled for Sunday September 18, 2011 at Lovering Volvo in Concord.

Bob Iozia
Granite State Chapter
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