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changing from Euro-spec xenon to US-spec xenon

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Do I need a software download for the DRL to function?

And yes I know the highbeams are less bright in the US-spec lights but I want them anyway.

If anyone is interested I'm selling my euro lights.
From time to time I have problems with the lights aiming way too low, I don't know if it's the headlights that are causing the problem or something else. I also get an error message that I can't really translate but it's something like this. "Light failiure contact volvo dealer"

Anyone with US-spec xenons for sale??
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Re: changing from Euro-spec xenon to US-spec xenon (Michael from Sweden)

I suspect your problem is related to a 4C sensor in regard to your headlights pointing down on occasion. That will also give the error message.

A good technician that understands 4C should be able to fix this, however it may be easier to just swap your headlights than it is to find such a person. Be advised however that if there is a 4C problem causing some of this, that changing the lights will not resolve it.
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