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changing from Euro-spec xenon to US-spec xenon

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Do I need a software download for the DRL to function?

And yes I know the highbeams are less bright in the US-spec lights but I want them anyway.

If anyone is interested I'm selling my euro lights.
From time to time I have problems with the lights aiming way too low, I don't know if it's the headlights that are causing the problem or something else. I also get an error message that I can't really translate but it's something like this. "Light failiure contact volvo dealer"

Anyone with US-spec xenons for sale??
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Re: changing from Euro-spec xenon to US-spec xenon (Michael from Sweden)

Oh, I am so tempted to do a swap right now. If only I could be without the car for a week or so.

Sorry mate, but good luck! I'm sure someone will be willing to swap with you!

As for the software, we need one to go from US to Euro and disable the DRL's, so I would think you would need an update to go the other way 'round.
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