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Changing Air Filter

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Hey guys. I got a 2001 2.4t and im like 1000 away from the 15000 mile mark. I was wondering when im suppose to change my filter. Im gonna change it at 15k becuase i wanna put a K&N air filter in it and add a couple more horse. Does anyone have one of those?? i heard ur car sounds lowder when its in. I wonder if it makes the turbo sound a bit louder. I hope it does, i love the sound of the turbo. anyways please reply and tell me wht ur experinces are.

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Originally posted by InDy:
For the 2001 S60, this is what Volvo says:

Not sure why things have changed a little, but if you want to change to K&N now, that should not be a problem at all, especially since it is something that is not really cost prohibitive (#33-2176 @ $62) IMHO. I have heard from import owners that it gives a little sportier intake noise.


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33-2176 is available at Martel Brothers for $40.25 last I'd checked.
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