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Change wheel size for.volvo xc60? 20-> 18

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Wondering if anyone can give me some confirmation on a tire change I am considering.

Vehicle: 2014 Volvo xc60 with 20in wheels

The recommended tire size is on the door of my Volvo: 255/45R20
I would like to use: 255/55R18

Are these compatible?

The 20 inch tires are really expensive and actually very hard to find winter tires. Need to be a bit budget sensitive.

I was considering going for an 18inch wheel for my winters. Just wanted to ask if anyone has heard of issues in the past for volvos changing wheel size down? And if I should consider any other impacts or changes?

I should also mention my plan is to keep the 20.inch tires for summer.

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I agree with blindkarma.

My 2011 RD came with 255/45R20 tires which I use for the ice/snow free months and I switch over to 235/60R18's for my winter tires. Overall diameter is the same so the speedometer/odometer are accurate.

As you noted, there are very few options for 20" dedicated winter tires and several options for the 18". Doesn't take much time to switch them over twice per year. These cars perform amazingly well on snow and ice with a good studded tire.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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