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Change downpipe V50 -08, hard?

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I´m going to help a friend install BSR downpipe on his 2008 V50.
I´ve heard that there is some issues regarding the downpipe on the connection with the turbo. Is it big deal to remove or what?
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Re: Change downpipe V50 -08, hard? (Johan_swe)

From what I recall, there have been issues with the studs snapping and shearing at the turbo. They should have used proper bolts
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I had trouble getting one of the three bolts out of the turbo when removing the original downpipe. Then the head snapped off. A 2008 might be easier since it's newer.

A tip I heard too late: If the bolts won't move, drive the car and get them very hot then try to loosen them. Just be careful with your hands and don't do the rest of the job until the engine cools off.
I recall everything being pretty straight forward on my 08 S40. No tricks or anything goofy coming up. Bolts came out just fine.

We did have a lift that made things so much easier.
I have an 06 S40. I did have the same problem with the third bolt. Try using a blow torch to heat up the bolt so it can be loosened. I tried driving it before to let it heat up but it didnt work so I took it to a mechanic to blow torch it.
Thanks for the info. I will get 3 new bolts from volvo just to be sure.
Re: (Johan_swe)

my Pitstop mechanic originally said 130 euro for complete DP/exhaust install, but went to 160 euro because of these "issues"
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