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Hey guys. Forgive me as I know that this isn't the proper place to post this but as the deadline for Carlisle draws near Volvos at Carlisle is trying to reach as many people as possible and to encourage them to sign up this year.

As your all aware Volvos at Carlisle provides food, a place to congregate, raffles and goodie bags and acts as home base for a lot of the Volvo crew that don't have their own tents. This year Ashley has passed the torch on to us to continue the tradition and build upon the years past. Since we have more people this year were far more organized and putting a lot more work into providing meals and a menu, places to sit and hang out, a larger tent, vendors for the raffle and grab bags, entertainment, music and other things that were still working on.

The main post is over at "Events and Gatherings" but seeing at this and the P80 forum get a bunch of traffic (and that I post here and over at the R forum on occasion) I figured this was the best place to get as many eyeballs on this as possible.

Link for said thread:http://forums.swedespeed.com/showth...port-amp-Performance/page4&highlight=carlisle

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/VolvosAtCarlisle/

Donate Link: https://www.paypal.me/VolvosatCarlisle


Mods, I hope this can stay here as time draws near and any and all help that we can get would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Rob C.
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