Care by Volvo is adapting, which means that subscribers will now be able to swap cars after just four months. Previously, subscribers had been required to wait a full year before the option to swap out into another car was offered.

Naturally, if you’re happy with the car you’ve subscribed to, you can stay in it for the full term. But should you decide that you’d like to spend the winter in a crossover and the summer in a sedan, you’re free to do that—just be sure you account for the change in the subscription fee.

Care by Volvo, for those not in the know, is Volvo’s subscription service. With a monthly payment, you get a car, insurance, tire protection, maintenance, and a few other services. There is a mileage limit, though it’s similar to those on a lease at around 1,250 miles per month.

The monthly fee is therefore a little higher than on a traditional lease, but Volvo feels that the insurance along with the freedom to swap cars makes it an attractive alternative.

Prices start at around $650/month for vehicles like the XC40 and S60 and jump up to $750 for the XC90.