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So my gal unfortunately sits outside, and living on the California Coast 5 minutes from the ocean means fog, lots of moisture in the air, salt, and polin from the numerous flower nurseries near by. It gets as cold as about 40 degrees which causes cars to frost over to as high as 75 degrees in the course of a day and can shift back and forth every other day. So, I was wondering if anyone has bought an outdoor car cover for their R or any other car I suppose, that they would recommend. I'm getting tired of spending hours busting my ass cleaning and detailing her only to have her covered in dust, polin and seagull crap 5 minutes after I'm done.

I've done some research and it seems more companies then one would think make car covers for the R, I just want to test the waters here and see if anyone has purchased any of them so that I can maybe find out which to avoid and which are praised.

Thanks for the help,
Chris http://********************/smile/emthup.gif
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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