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Ideas about the S60 and a car-computer:

My first hurdle to contend with is an in-car computer system.
I'm planning on utilizing the unused space above the left rear wheelwell or just aft of the right rear wheelwell, which are only inches away from the fuse box. Both spaces are pretty tight, so I'd be using a small computer. The Cappuccino computer ( http://www.mjpcomputers.com/ ) is a little less than 6 x 6 inches, and should be able to take the shock of driving with some careful planning. I'd run a mic (see "Control") from the computer to the passenger compartment, and position that either on the driver's seatbelt or in the sun visor. Visual feedback would be via an LCD screen, either on the driver's sun visor or below the interior rear view mirror (both hinged to flip down when needed). A pointer stick (like IBM uses in their laptops), for cursor control, would go on the rear of the steering wheel along with left and right mouse buttons.
I can't control it with a keyboard while driving, so voice control is necessary. IBM released an SDK (Software Developer's Kit, which allows programmers to easily write programs with pre-made things (like voice recognition) I.E. You buy a speaker (sdk), but make the speaker enclosure (program).) for their ViaVoice software (for linux). I'm planning on using it to allow me to control conputer funtions while driving, sans hands. The URL for that is: http://www-4.ibm.com/software/speech/dev/sdk_linux.html .
Visualization is also necessary, because I'd like to encorporate navigation into the system. This would easily be done through a LCD screen, but projection onto the front windshield is better and more complicated. LCDs are fine, but it'd be annoying to have to speak and look at the screen every time you want an answer. So, to conquer this, I'd use text-to-speech, which is part of the ViaVoice system. When the computer needs to tell me something, it'll say it over a speaker, in plain english. If it needs to show me a map, it'll be on the LCD screen. This way, efficient communication between driver and computer is possible with minimal effort to the driver.
Besides GPS-based navigation, I'd like to implement a MP3 playing program, which would allow me to play any one of hundreds of songs, easily retrieved by voice. If I wanted to get really fancy, I could add a cellular phone interface, allowing me to plug in a cellphone (probably in the glove box, or another easily-accessed location) and have voice control over dialing, phone books, recording, etc. Also something along those lines would be mobile internet, but I'm not sure if the price of it justifies the return. Also, if possible, I'd like to use an infrared camera from Raytheon ( http://www.raytheoninfrared.com/ ), somewhat like the one used in the Cadillac Deville DTS. Voice would switch the display to the camera, allowing for improved night vision (something like 5 times better than headlights, with little problem in dense fog or precipitation). Going along with better vision, some rear and side facing cameras could also help get rid of any kind of blind spot.

-S60 to Computer Interface (the best thing since sliced bread)
Getting more advanced from the basic stuff is interfacing the car computer to the S60's computer. I recently found a plethora of info on the S60 computer and network it has with the car. It uses a CAN (Car Area Network) powered by Volcano Lite ( http://www.vct.se/ ) and a RTOS (Real Time Operating System) by Northern Real-Time Applications ( http://www.ssx5.com/ ) (for greater flexability, I believe). If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out http://www.vct.se/index_ref.htm and scan down to "Interesting Articles". If the S60 computer controls the door locks, radio, and almost everything else on the car, then it's possible to tap into the network and be able to control everything the computer controls. Kind of like wiretapping, but not illegal
This way, it'd be possible to say, "HAL, open the pod bay doors" while the car is moving, and have the computer say "I'm sorry Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that." (driver's speech -> microphone -> cappuccino computer -> voice recognition software -> car network tap software -> text to speech) It's pretty complicated stuff, but it can be broken down into its basic parts and then becomes managable. Basically tapping into the S60's CAN would allow voice control and voice feedback of systems on the car.

Does anyone have any experience, or know anyone that may be able to help out in any of this?
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