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Do it or don't do it?

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Can't Tell if New Wheels & Tires are a Good Idea

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Hey y'all, I just bought my 2013 C30 T5 R at the start of February 2022 with 40k mi on it. I've already ordered myself a do88 intercooler and pipe kit and plan on getting elevate air sus, sway bar, down pipe, and exhaust system. However, all of this is pretty useless if my front tires continue to slip when laying down power from a stop. I know it can only be fixed so much as a FWD car with a decent amount of power, but i figured slightly larger and wider tires could help get better grip.

I've got the Midir 18"s right now, came with the car (obv). They're (from what I can tell online) 18 x 7.5, bolt pattern 5 x 108, offset 52.5, center bore 63.1, weighing ~23 lbs.
I'm considering getting the Petrol P2Bs, Discount Tire | Tires and Wheels for Sale | Online & In-Person , 19 x 8, bolt pattern 5 x 108, offset 40, center bore 72.1, weighing ~23 lbs.

I'll have to get hubcentric rings and roll the fenders somewhat, I'm sure, but is there any glaring reason this would be a bad idea? The other nice thing is that I can always sell the Midirs (probably on here or on c30 crew) and recoup a little of my losses.
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dang, that's what I was worried about. : /
you mentioned the c70, just want to make clear I'm referring to a c30
C30, S40, V50 and C70 are based on the same platform. If the front wheel will not fit in one, won't fit in any other. They're basically the same when it comes to suspension.

In stock configuration, front wheel size is limited because part of the spring support is above the tire contact patch, limiting the diameter, and also the width because it's very close to the sidewall.

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There is a little bit more space left there, but is not that much. If you swap to coilovers, you may gain a little bit more clearance, but I can't confirm this.
Truly grateful for such a detailed answer. Knew S40, C30, V50 were P1 but didn't realize C70 was as well.
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