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Volvo Bi-Fuel cars are proving to be the natural choice for many company car drivers at Calor Gas since they were added to the company car choice list in December 2001. Already, the company has taken delivery of 14 Volvo S40 and V40 Bi-Fuel models.

'We have two groups on our choice list, one for job need cars and the other for perk cars. Drivers have 100 different cars to choose from,' explained Calor Gas fleet manager David Brown.

'We added the full Volvo Bi-Fuel range of cars to the lists late last year and drivers have reacted very positively. By the end of March we will have taken delivery of nearly 20 S40 and V40 models and the first of the S60, S80 and V70 BiFuel models will have started to arrive,' he added.

Brown manages the 300-strong Calor Gas company car fleet and 2,000-strong commercial vehicle fleet and has recently taken delivery of a Volvo V40 BiFuel as his own company car.

'We added the Volvo Bi-Fuels to the fleet because the vehicle is factory-built and provides us with a comprehensive three-year factory warranty, unlike some aftermarket conversions that are warrantied by the converter,' said Brown.

'Drivers particularly like the Volvo Bi-Fuel as the gas tanks do not intrude into the load area and it also has a separate fuel gauge telling the driver how much gas and petrol they have used,' said Brown.

Calor Gas operates bulk storage facilities at the majority of its regional depots, which offer further savings over already low pump prices. Some drivers, who are depot based, are actually using 100% LPG in their cars.

All Volvo models are supplied to Calor Gas by Volvo dealer Tollbar Coventry and are financed on contract hire on 3 year/75,000 mile contracts including maintenance.
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