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Calling all PA Volvo owners!

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Hello! I am fairly new to swedespeed. Last month, I went on a Volvo sports america covered bridge tour of Lancaster/Reading area. Well, it was a really nice tour to include about 8 covered bridges. That said, I didn't want to wait a year to do it again...so we're not. I have secured the backing of the Capital City Chapter of VCOA and with the help of the organizer of that first tour, it is happening again. And soon! Sunday, June 25th at 11:30 am meet; roll out at noon. We're meeting at the Holiday Inn in Denver, PA. This is right off of old exit 21 on the PA turnpike (now exit 286). Note, this is NOT the Holiday Inn by the furniture outlet. Let me know if you are interested and want more detail/have questions.

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Re: Calling all PA Volvo owners! (fasts60r)

I've done a few VSA covered bridge tours many years ago. Glad to hear that they're still a lot of fun!
I wish I could join you on the 25th, but the 'fam' has already booked that day for me.
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