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Hi folks,

I've recently acquired a 2002 RHD C70 hardtop (NO SUNROOF) which has had an ongoing issue with a leak into the drivers footwell.

I've removed all the cowling in the bulkhead to check drains are free and working on. All appears fine. Tested it with a garden hose and again, no issues.

Looking under the dash a small weep is making it's way down from above where the wiring loom from the drivers door enters the A pillar. I can see a drop landing on it but can't see where it comes from.

This small weep, or drop, appears to only appear if I turn the hose on the windscreen where it is bonded to the A pillar.

Just to add, the seals on the drivers door appear find and the leak is appearing even with the door open and the hose running.

Can anyone help and give me direction where to look next.

EDIT: I've been doing a little bit more checking as the car had dried out, it appears the leak is starting at the top of the A pillar where it joins the roof and is working it's way down the A pillar and then down into the dash board and out on to the carpets. Is this possible?
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