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C70 Overheating- Advice needed

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My moms C70 went to the shop (of her choice based on proximity) after it overheated coming home from work. The shop installed a new radiator and hose, replaced the thermostat- she left and it overheated the next day SMFH!
It seems to be ok early in the day after sitting overnight but will show that it is running hot later in the day when it is warmer outside 60-70 degrees.

any suggestions on what to check next- They seem to be at a stand still..
If they cant get it figured out tomorrow I will be getting a refund and taking it to somewhere known more for volvo work that is a bit farther away.

98 C70 HPT AT
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common causes for the car to over heat can be boiled down to a few things (pardon the pun)

-bad radiator, but usually leaks when it is bad or when it is clogged both top and bottom hoses are not the same temp
-bad FAN, will cause air not to flow over the radiator thus not cooling it
-bad ect sensor aka engine temperature sensor, self explaitory what it does. a bad one will show that it never gets above the 4:00pm position at normal temps then shoots to HOT. cheap $30 swap out
-bad coolant bottle cap, cant hold pressure
-blown headgasket. pop the coolant bottle off and smell inside if it smells like exhuast or fuel you done. another check is oil dipstick check for choclate milkshake.
-bad water pump can cause overheating too

refund? not likely since they did change it with working components. most mechanics aka parts changers/fortune stealers/guessers are great at spending your money to fix the problem.
to properly help you, we would need more info.

-is the top and bottom hoses hot when the car overheats?
-where is the coolant coming out from?
-engine temps before the overheating, does it ever get over the 4:00pm position, normal is 3:30
-cooling fan kicking in when AC is turned on?
-color of coolant tank cap? brown is old one, green is new style one.
-year of car would help too
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