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Re: C70 or Pontiac G6 or VW or???? (nobbe3728)

Quote, originally posted by nobbe3728 »
If you want a convertable, you have it....in the winter just leave the top up! No hard tops to buy, no leaky roof or any of that nonsense.

Modified by nobbe3728 at 6:54 PM 4-21-2006

But you WILL have to buy winter tires, most likely. The car I drove had HP summer-only tires on it, I believe.

That BMW looks sweet. Thing is, you can always wait for something better. The long wait has already turned some potential Volvo buyers into customers for different cars. Who knows how long a wait it will be until the BMW convertible comes out.

Me, I'm happy driving my Z roadster for now. This thing is a kick. I've decided I'm not quite old enough for Volvo yet.
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