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C70 Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Spring Set

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I installed these new springs in July of 2011 on my 2001 C70 Convertible and took them off in April 2012, so they were only on my car for about 10 months and I drove the car very little. These are made for the C70 1997-2006.

I am asking $150 for the spring set and we can figure out shipping later.

Information on these springs from Tire Rack: http://www.tirerack.com/suspension/...Model=C70+Coupe&autoYear=2001&autoModClar=HPT

The Eibach Pro-Kit lowering spring set improves your vehicle's looks and performance. Pro-Kit springs lower the vehicle's center of gravity, reducing body roll in the turns, dive under braking, squat during acceleration and give the car a more solid secure feel at all times. Pro-Kit Springs also minimize the ugly fender gap that makes a car look "lifted." Eibach Pro-Kit Springs..." The look that performs."

Front and Rear fitment
Ride Height: Moderate Lowering
Avg Low 0.8"F 0.8"R
Price: $249.00 (kit)
Estimated Availability: Special Order
Manufacturer Part #: 8420.140
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So I am guessing the front springs will work on a 98 v70?
Because I have awd, I would not be able to use the rears
Out of curiosity, what would the shipping be to 90275 (California)?
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