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C70 Advertising

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Last night I saw a C70 ad on TV. It looks like it was shot using footage from Mt. Haleakela on Maui during the press showing a while back. Three hip adults - one in the back seat who looks entirely comfortable are driving around to the musical strains of "I can see clearly now"

The car pulls over. The top goes down. Everyone smiles and they drive on.

The top appears in the ad to go down a LOT faster than in real life.

Here's my real question:

WHY is VOLVO advertising a car they can't deliver?
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Re: C70 Advertising (VolvoMax)

Long lead times doesn't fit with what I've seen in media buying. The firm I work for was caught flat footed a couple of weeks ago when the guy we sponsor won the Masters golf tournament. I am pretty sure we had no media prepared and nothing contemplated until after the win. We were in print in the Wall Street Journal and on the air within 48 hours of his win.

You can put ads up and take them down with little more than a few days notice these days. The worst problem they might have faced would have been to sub in a different spot for a different car.

My question stands. Why advertise a car you can't deliver?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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