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Hi, this accident happened in a while back while we were stationed in Germany. My wife was driving on a country road (doing about 60 mph), when a previously stopped vehicle all of a sudden pulled out from a side road on the left side in order to cross the road my wife was traveling on (no traffic lights, just a yield sign). Anyway, my wife said it happened so fast that all she could do it hit the brakes and then she heard and felt the crash happening. Lucky for the driver she hit the other vehicle at the right front tire area, the whole axle got ripped out of it, the car got turned 180 degrees. The C30 ended up in the ditch in a 90 degree angle to the road.
She said she just sat in the vehicle and practically checked all her body parts for pain - put except for some pain where the seat belt held her tight and the right side of her knee, where she obviously hit the center console she was fine - Just shaken up good.
Later a police officer told me when they approached the scene and seeing the C30 they were almost expecting the worst, but said: "and that is the reason why you buy a Volvo"...


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