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Bypassing ignition to engage stater

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Hi guys - looking for a way to test the starter without using the ignition key circuit.

The starter is connected, and has the large red wire from the + battery and the ground, so I should be looking at the wiring that goes to the solenoid as the bypass mechanism, right?

The wire that connects the starter solenoid comes off the ignition switch, so if I need to bypass the ignition switch what does the wire to the solenoid get replaced with?

Thanks - learning but slowly here...
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Re: Bypassing ignition to engage stater (tdskip)

From http://www.sw-em.com/starter.htm
"Bypass the IGN switch and apply power directly to energize SOL, and in turn SM. A "remote starter switch" connected between the big bolt, terminal 30, and the smaller quick disconnect control (terminal 50) works well for this...a much less elegant (but equally effective in a pinch) technique uses any conductive tool between these two adjacent terminals (like a big screwdriver...but I wouldn't use my best...talk about the right tool for the job)...this makes big sparks and one needs to be ready for the engine movement when starter engages... A remote start switch is preferable because it allows for the troubleshooting steps which follow, without big sparks in the engine compartment (big sparks scare onlookers, pets, and can ignite stuff!). A remote starter switch with its spring loaded electrical clips isn't bothered by the rockin' anda rollin' of the engine either."

George Dill
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Re: Bypassing ignition to engage stater (gdill2)

So disconnect the current lead from the ignition to the solenoid and run a wire from the + terminal (through a switch) to the solenoid terminal (that I just removed the ignition wire from)?
Well - this didn't go so well. I left everything connected, installed a fresh battery, and used a remote started switch like the one from IPD, but didn't get the start to turn the motor over.

I connected the remote starter from the + batter terminal to the top starter solenoid post were all the other wires were attached - but the starter didn't energize.

I did touch a well insulated wrench between the top and bottom starter posts and that produced a healthy spark but again the starter didn't energize.

For grins I connected the remote starter from the - battery post to the top starter solenoid terminal and that resulted in the starter spinning (backwards - yes?) but that didn't spin the engine over either.


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Re: (tdskip)

Oh, well, duh. I think I figured it out.

The remote starter connects to the + battery terminal and then to the #2 post, right?
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Re: (tdskip)

Yes. Or you can just jumper between #1 and #2.
Re: (Phil Singher)

Thanks Phil - funny how connecting it the right way makes a difference.

I got it cranked over just now - and the compression figures are pretty good given that I haven't adjusted the valves and she as been sitting. pretty much 160 +/- 5 across the board. Whoo hoo!
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