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Hi from Cambridge (UK)!

I am looking to buy a 1995 T5 GLE and you guys seem to know a lot of stuff - I would appreciate any advice on where to look for weak spots on a used T5 (120,000 miles). I realise the US is not the UK and car specs are slightly different, however I would suspect they all share the same problems.

N.B. I used to have an Audi S4, so I kinda have an idea about the turbo thing, however, would appreciate if someone could point in the direction for T5 specs on the turbo, i.e. idling & engaged pressure, etc.

Thanks in advance!


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Welcome to Swedespeed! The 1995 850 T5 is a great car, and some people feel that it was one of the better years for that car. These are some of the things that I would look out for:

1. A/C Evaporator (Common)
2. Warped Rotors
3. Upper Engine Mount
4. Shift Interlock Switch
5. Sunroof Headliner
6. Passenger Side Airbag Cover
7. Rocking Power Driver Seat
8. Turbo-charger Hoses
9. Coolant Reservoir Cap
10. Bubbling Interior Door Panels

I hope this helps!

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