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I'm not sure if anyone here understands Swedish, but if you do, please let me know what this page says:

From what I can tell, the chip, along with some sort of cleaner and an air filter is roughly $450 USD...can this be true? If so, then the 'step 2' which includes the exhaust (cat back), air filter, chip and the cleaner for $775, is a heck of a deal. I was going to go with the Supersprint exhaust, and for what they're trying to sell me, I can get the BSR setup for the same price...Does this make any sense?

Thanks again guys
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There's a guy who posts here with an 850R that has the BSR stage 3 kit. Check with him, because I think he said he was going to be a US dealer for BSR parts.

His user name is "Thor's Hammer" and his email is [email protected]
Yes it's true. The prices are much lower in Europe than here in the U.S. with all the tuners. The exhausts may cost more when I sell them here as the shipping cost presently about $100.00 to ship a cat back exhaust from Sweden.
I have been told BSR will have an English web page within a couple of months.
I am currently trying to get information about the ECU shootout George has planned so I can send him a BSR ecu to try so people can see some comparisons.

Rich S.

97 BSR S3 850R
90 BSR 765T
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