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BSR opti-flow Vector tuning

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Just got my BSR intake ...cant wait to throw this Biotch on my car and hear that sound ... i just want to say ...its a very nice piece.. came with a free cleaning kit and because it took a couple extra days(he was getting his inventory in from BSR) Mike from Vector threw in a Free Bsr Hat for the wait ... all for 180 shipped.. and he was great to deal with ..he would reply to emails promptly and apologized (no need to cause i wasnt in a rush) but thats a great start to a new company that customer service is there. looking forward to purchasing the tune .. cant beat the price .
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i agree i had nothing but good service from him and he took the time to explain and answer my questions. in the end i went with EST because i dont like paypal that Vector uses. but all in all, Mike looks like then next frank or rob!

deerok, i forget, do you like south? im in homewood, by chicago heights. will get my EST intake fri! we gotta wait out this rain, i have no garage!
hey how did you get the 3 "plugs" out. i have 3, 4-prong plugs that are holding the box in. is there a tool i need to get?
Re: (DGBibo)

i'm near crown point about 20 mins from dyer/chicago heights ...not to far from you yea this rain sucks...i havent installed mine yet ..i took a look at it earlier today...but i got to go back in and see what you are describing...

one of these maybe would work


i'm guess one of those are going to break i was thinking of picking some up at napleton volvo in merrillville..
napleton is the spot! i got to napleton for service and Laural Volvo Tinely park for advice. not a bad idea to pick these up!
Re: (DGBibo)

threw the intake on and took off that hood lining its sounds nice..
sounds like a diesel at idle thou...
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did you just rip it out!?!?! how did you do the pulgs? a socket or just pull up hard?
Re: (DGBibo)

just tugged on it and the air box popped out ... and the liner if you careful you can pull the liner over the clips and they stay in place....
ok great thanks, T-minus 3 hours till install.
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