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ECU shopping.. well.. saving $$ and researching at this point.

I've noticed that BSR claims to make the most power. 315 (I assume at the crank) with little more than an exhaust, air filter and ECU.

Most guys with the IPD, speedtuning, Rica, etc are at 250~ish whp and I'm wondering what makes the BSR tune different?

More boost? Fuel?

The reason I ask is because I've got the exhaust, full lenght intake, FMIC, etc taken care of already and the ECU is basically the last mod I can do before requiring stronger internals and a bigger turbo.

Basically I want an ECU that can keep me happy until the car is paid off so I can start an engine build. Until then, I'm looking for the most power I can get with what I've got.

Also worth noting is that I've got a walboro 255 sitting in my garage and if it will make the tune safer and/or more potent regardless of WHO does the tune, I can get green injectors (or bigger if needed) and have the tune written for those as well.

So I'm basically fact finding at this point. Volvospeed is littered with people who hate all the tunes. It seems as though the he said/she said business is that every tuner on the market is responsible for grenaded engines and for 2 people that love a company, there's someone who hates them with a passion.

So without first hand knowledge of the people behind the tuning and first hand knowledge of the tune itself in my car, it's naturally a hard decision to make, and with up to a grand being spent on this, that makes it even MORE of a big decision...especially if I pay someone that much money only to get bent rods in exchange.

So.. all that being said, is there anyone who can legitimately back up BSR's power claims with their own dyno sheets or 1/4 mile time slips?

I'm also planning on buying another stock ECU during all this in case things do go south or I need to send it back and fourth to whoever is tuning it.
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