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Okay, so I've just got some good news i had to share with the community.
A couple of weeks ago i performed my first mod to my car, a weapon R intake (i'm in oregon, damn it really helps)
Then, a week later i installed my big bore throttle body <HOLY CRAP> that thing was amazing, much less turbo kick, but much more power on demand.

Two days ago i got my full exhaust system made and installed on my car. I feel like a king in my car. The car is unstoppable.
When i hit the throttle at 25 mph while cruising, i spin the tires, over the past two days i've eaten a wrx and a 75 shot nos injected civic SI ri$er. With a Gtech, i ran 4 0-60 sprints:
run 1: 5.94
run 2: 5.78
run 3: 6.06
run 4: 5.87

I'm going to get the IPD ECU upgrade, some trans, support mods, then do the swaybars and tower brace once they're redesigned by ipd.

I figure i'll be around 5.5 or 5.4
I LOVE THIS CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

850 T-5R Black Sedan
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