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Re: (RedOne)

Typically it doesn't matter when you switch over to synthetic. Mobil 1 is probably the best to use. I have used it for years on all my cars. My boss uses it on his off road bike. Every time he breaks down his engine, usually every 10,000 miles, the engine looks perfect.

One of the best ways to break in an engine is to go up hills. Make sure you vary the rpms. Since you have a T5, I would say that going up to 5,000 or 5,250 RPM's would be ok. Since the turbo doesn't really start to kick in at 3,500 RPM's. You're going to need to break everything in. Also, make sure you change the oil at 500 miles. Especially, since a new engine always has metal shavings coming off all the parts in the beginning. This is a ultra conservative way to prolong the life of the engine.

Also make sure that when you take delivery of your new T5 make sure they adjust the clutch to your liking before driving it off the lot.

Good luck and hope you like it.
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