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Changing to a synthetic? Is this something that should be done right away with a new car (less than 100 miles) or is it OK to wait until the first scheduled service at 7500. I've never used synthetic oil in my cars before but then I never had an R before either.

You do not want to change to syntetic until the first scheduled service. These new cars run a break-in oil that helps the engine seats seat in. So if you are going to go synthetic, wait until the first oil change and not before.

I personally use a turbo timer on my Passat (turbocharged) and it works well. Don't have to think about idling her after a hard run or a long highway trip.

Does anyone use Lubro-Molly Voll-Synthese? I'm running that in my engine and it works pretty well. Comes in the 5W-40 weight.
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