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Brand New Volvo OEM Wiper Blades

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So, I just purchased these babies, but failed to realize that they will not work on my 2005 XC70. So if anyone is interested please make me an offer.

The box is pretty beat up from the way Fedex treats their packages, but the wipers look fine to me. See pics below if you are worried.


01-04 S60
00-04 V70
01-04 XC70
99-03 S80
03-04 XC90

I live in Northern VA, and I am going to leave these open to locals for a few days to see if I can avoid shipping them. If no one claims them I will then be willing to ship. Make an Offer!


Just click the photos for full size!

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BUMP I am open to all offers
Re: Brand New Volvo OEM Wiper Blades (n00bkiller944)

These will actually fit 850s and 70-series too. I've seen them work fine when a Volvo dealer mistakenly put them on a 2000 V70R.
Thanks man!!! Even more reason for someone to buy this!!!
BUMP... 35 shipped to anywhere in the U.S. (this is without the stupidly huge OEM box.)
Re: (n00bkiller944)

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