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Not sure if this should go in non-car related or not. If so, mods feel free to move.

I bought these and had the tires mounted and they've sat in my spare room ever since. Never even put them on the car. Literally, 0 miles on the wheels and tires. No rash, no curbage, no bends. BRAND SPANKIN' NEW WHEELS and tires.

- Wheels are Enkei EKM3 17x7" with a 5x114.3(4.5) lug pattern. Offset is +38 so you could run them on RWD with 20mm adapters.
- Tires are Uniroyal Tigerpaw 205/50/17. Also brand new. Never hit the pavement at all.
- Center caps are just stickers but they make the wheels more acceptable for Volvos

Looking for $450+shipping for the set of wheels. Paid $650+shipping when new, and these basically are.
$850+shipping if the tires stay on them. Either way is fine with me. I have the original wheel boxes if you want me to ship them, but they won't fit with the tires still on them.

I've got around $1200 in all this and none of it has ever been used. My loss is your gain!
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